Private, comprehensive mental health care

People and families experiencing mental illness often find the current market of services a poorly coordinated, confusing maze. Olivos, a division of Caminar for Mental Health, is an innovative, well organized model that closes the treatment gap.  For over 50 years, Caminar, a nonprofit, and Olivos, its parent organization, have been leaders in providing services for people with mental, physical and developmental disabilities. We work with individuals in various stages of recovery -- from those with highly acute serious mental illness, to those dealing with the life-long effects of trauma, to those seeking to improve their mental health and wellness and strive to reach their full potential.

Connection, independence and dignity

We help people return to fulfilling community living, reengaging them in employment, education, social groups and wellness activities. We work with people to heal and enhance family relationships. Unlike other providers, our services are customizable and flexible. Our small Care Team approach ensures highly personalized and responsive care management.