Sarah* came to us fresh from an inpatient residential setting.  She had been misdiagnosed, over-medicated, and was experiencing conflict in her family and personal life.  Sarah had been "living in a fog" -- in the private care system for over 13 years, she had made little progress and was addicted to pain medication.  Sarah struggled to manage her life, living in a constant state of crisis, not knowing what she wanted to do, what her purpose in life was, or even who she was.

Olivos assessed Sarah's needs, prescribed her fewer, more suitable medications at lower doses, and helped her overcome her addiction.  With appropriate support and treatment, Sarah built up new skills and began to create a healthier life, developing--and reaching--new goals.  Olivos encouraged Sarah to participate in the community by volunteering in Caminar's art therapy group.  She has now been a volunteer for over a year and the experience has motivated her to enroll in graduate school and help others through art therapy.  Sarah, who has also lost about 130 pounds, says she is "finally living the life I want to live and feel(ing) alive for the first time."

*Client's name has been changed to protect their anonymity.