Program Philosophy

Our program utilizes psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery focusing on resisting institutional care - the majority of our work occurs in the community and in our client's homes. We help our clients get back into life. We do this by securing opportunities in the community such as employment, school, volunteering, social activities, or activities of daily living. We provide the needed resources to not only secure these opportunities but to assist our clients in keeping them.

Often individuals experiencing mental health symptoms need more than one provider and find it difficult as the communication between providers is minimal or nonexistent. Olivos strives to bridge this communication gap by providing a highly coordinated multidisciplinary team that integrates all of the clients treatment needs into one setting.

Olivos treatment is focused on the empowerment of the individuals we treat, taking a unique and individualized approach to providing care. We also pride ourselves on working to keep families supported and connected through this journey.

Our services are individualized and tailored to the clients and their specific needs. We realize that clients' needs change and shift in intensity and our program is able to make that transition with each client. Our multidisciplinary team offers services to clients 24 hours a day. Our program can provide services as acute as a hospital or residential setting or as minimal as maintenance. We are able to respond to each client's need in a flexible client centered manner.

Olivos' approach to care is founded on evidence based practices and utilizes the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) model of care.